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Sheila Kusi-Asare, LCSW

    Strengths-Based | Warm | Authentic | Mindful | Nurturing | Holistic

Mission Statement

Providing holistic therapeutic support services in a safe and comfortable environment where you can heal and discover your authentic self.

SKA Therapeutic Services LLC was started by Founder and Director Sheila Kusi-Asare because of her passion and dedication to empower and support women, children  and adolescence with the many life stressors and  challenges that can impact their overall well-being . 


Mrs. Kusi-Asare holds a bachelors degree in English and two masters degrees in Public Administration and Social Work. She has 20 years of experience working in various sectors from non profit organizations to health care and the education field. She has served as an advocate for children who have experienced different forms of abuse as well as implementing and managing programs for youth in the educational sector to enhance their social emotional well being. Mrs. Kusi-Asare has recently worked in the school settings as a mental health clinician and school social worker, where she conducted diagnosis of mental, emotional, behavioral, and developmental disorders.  She also provided psychotherapeutic treatment to students and their families through individual and group sessions.  In her years of experiences she has come to understand the importance of supporting individuals through a holistic approach in order to assist them in their healing process.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the New York area, She is committed to the well-being of her clients.  It is also her hope to provided the utmost therapeutic support in order to work diligently to assist her clients in meeting their needs and goals.

Areas of interest are emotional intelligence, anxiety, depression, trauma related difficulties. Also school environments adjustment and parent-children relationships and basic life stressors.  She tailors her services to clients unique needs - incorporating mindfulness, psychoeducation, dialectical behavior techniques, cognitive behavioral techniques, humor, as well as, traditional talk therapy approaches.

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