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Handcrafted Chakra Diffuse Bracelets

Handcrafted Chakra Diffuse Bracelets

Authentic African handcrafted lava beaded bracelet with Chakra stones. 


Chakra bracelet sometimes called a Chakra Energy Healing Bracelet, comprises seven different colored beads. It provides attraction of energy that helps balance the body’s mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. The Chakra bracelet meaning is a way to balance the energy in each chakra so we will feel harmonized and centered when wearing it. When you wear a Chakra bracelet, it will help remind you to set and focus your intention on grounding and clearing yourself to stay true to your full authentic self.


Made with precious lava beads strung on strong thread which can be used in conjunction with essential oils. The lava stones acts as a sponge-like carrier as it soaks up the oils and retains them in the core of the bead.

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